Get Cash for Your House.

Following are some of the ways to help you sell you how in the current state that it is, be it old or need some repair and still get some good cash from it. 
In the current business market structure that we are in either in real estate or just any other form of business, marketing is an aspect that has been recorded to have a significant amount of power in influencing how business is growing. There are many platforms that you can use in the marketing your house. Since your house might be old, then there is the right audience that you would like to focus. 
In real estate, there are some companies that are willing to buy houses in their current situation where they will renovate it and sell it at a good price. So you can either focus your marketing to them or try the use of open house where locals come for a touring around the house and in events where potential buyer likes it, then they will buy it off from you. 
Preparation more

After deciding on the advertising method that will work best for you, the next step now comes to preparations of the house. You would not want buyers coming into your house and seeing how messed up and untidy the house is, this can give them a wrong impression and might make them turn down their offer leaving you stranded looking for other buyers. 
Preparations of the house revolve around the general house maintenance. Check for any minor errors that the house is experiencing that you could repair by yourself. Errors are one of the ways of reducing the value of your house. 
Pricing more we buy houses

In most cases when an individual sells their homes, the chances are that they are not familiar with how the real estate market works, regarding pricing of a house at a price that will attract potential buyers in making a deal with you. You might do a good marketing of your house and even gone ahead and done the necessary preparations of the house, but a part that many people tend to go wrong is when it comes to outing a tag to the house. 
You are selling your house in its current state which might be old and worn out, and from that, you will need to have a reasonable price for it. To enable this, you can do your research on the current market and see the value that your home might be ranging. more